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Any help appreciated. :)

27/03/2013 à 17:14

If anyone could help me identify this font that would be really great. Thank you.

Any help appreciated. :)

Polices suggérées

Soleil SemiBold  Suggérée par _Joos_ 
Classic Grotesque Pro  Suggérée par CannibalK$ 

29/03/2013 à 07:17

Perhaps it is that you seek Soleil SemiBold
Police suggérée : Soleil SemiBold

29/03/2013 à 11:43

Police suggérée : Classic Grotesque Pro

29/03/2013 à 16:00

Brilliant! Thanks for your help.

30/03/2013 à 18:09

Its neither of these if You look closely, but the first is the most alike...

31/03/2013 à 12:38

Its like the Chanel thing...
I'm not sure :/

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