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Help needed

03/03/2013 à 17:41

Trying to find out what font this is. Very similar to Times New Roman, but there are some extra bumps on the end of the "j" and "f" that doesn't seem to fit with TNR. Help deeply appreciated.

Help needed

Police suggérée

Times Bold  Suggérée par claudeserieux 

03/03/2013 à 18:41

Times Bold (Apple)
Police suggérée : Times Bold

Édité le 06/03/2013 à 10:12 par drf_

06/03/2013 à 08:28

Thanks! The font looks very similar. Just some very small differences (the line crossing the "o" in the Norwegian letter "ø" is slightly longer and more vertical in Times Bold).

Thank you for your help

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