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Another Font ID, please

26/03/2011 à 15:53

Same client as Grand Cafe; again, cannot offer anything but a low-res JPG.

This font looks somewhat familiar, but I can't find an exact match. Please help! A big thanks to those who respond. -B

Another Font ID, please

Police identifiée

Caxton SH Bold  Suggérée par ITellYa 

26/03/2011 à 15:56

Looks slightly different, but I think that is because of the low-resulotion image...
Police identifiée : Caxton SH Bold

26/03/2011 à 16:08

Thank you! It is. The poor resolution didn't help matters... looks like I'll be investing in a new font on behalf of this client.

What a great community! I appreciate the quick responses. -B

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