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The NEW Peugeot font

25/03/2011 à 10:26

I'm looking for the new Peugeot font. Any out there, who knows it?

Looking forward for your replies

Best regards


The NEW Peugeot font

Police suggérée

Peugeot  Suggérée par konejoksk 

25/03/2011 à 11:38

Es una tipografía propia creada para la imagen corporativa. Se llama Peugeot

25/03/2011 à 12:18

Hola, gracias por su respuesta. Puedo preguntar donde sabes que sabes?
Probablemente no sabía que una fuente alternativa que parece que como usuario Peugeot?

Hi, thanks for your reply. May I ask where you know that?
Maybe you know an alternative font that looks like this on as Peugeot use?

To everyone:
Please inform me, if any one know an alternative font for Peugeot?

25/03/2011 à 16:52

I knew it was a special font for Peugeot through an advertising company, and i do not recall any other similar.
Sorry, a greeting

27/02/2013 à 15:37

las puedes bajar desde esta url [illegal link removed] la que no esta es la llamada peugeot style que es la que estoy buscando yo...
Police suggérée : Peugeot

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13/05/2013 à 00:42

The new Peugeot Font is available for download for free from Peugeot's corporate site from the Ukrayne, not illegal: [MOD EDIT: not sure they're even aware of that... Link still removed, sorry]
Police suggérée : Peugeot
  (Déjà suggérée ici)

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02/07/2013 à 16:43

Yo las tengo....mi mail es

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