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font that i dont know

11/02/2013 à 19:42

pla any one who can help plzzzz

font that i dont know

Police identifiée

Club Bordello  Suggérée par Tobol9 

11/02/2013 à 19:51

yyyy, you have font name on this image...
Police identifiée : Club Bordello

11/02/2013 à 19:52

Yes but i dont find a link to download it...:-(

11/02/2013 à 20:25

Someone already asked for the link but no luck.

11/02/2013 à 20:38

Sorry, I only know one "Bordello" :

11/02/2013 à 20:55

LMAO but why he is singing in... russian?

11/02/2013 à 21:03

Because Eugene, the singer, is from Ukraine

11/02/2013 à 21:05

Son muy buenos...

11/02/2013 à 21:05

Aahh, I thought his name was Gogol And I never seen any Russian with that name

11/02/2013 à 21:09

To be honest, I got to know these guys when I watched this :

One of the best movies ever !

11/02/2013 à 21:11

11/02/2013 à 21:15

Added to my watchlist, it looks awesome ! Thanks for sharing !

11/02/2013 à 21:23

Anyway, if you wish a really good movie with that kind of music:

11/02/2013 à 21:28

Sounds really good too

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