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11/02/2013 à 04:48

I have an issue because I'm restoring a old police car and I have been wanting the POLICE font for such a long time to make up the POLICE decals.

I have gone through numerous pages over and over again and I just cant seem to come up with anything close.

I have attached pictures for you to see and I'm really hoping someone can help me!
Thank you in advance


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Police identifiée

Square 721  Suggérée par aquagirl 

11/02/2013 à 11:16

Try square 721
Police identifiée : Square 721

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11/02/2013 à 11:41

aquagirl a dit  
Try square 721

Thank you SO SO much!
That's the closest I have come to it! I cant thank you enough.
I'm still a bit funny on the O after the P as the original seems more square on the inside if that makes sense to you?
However, I think this is just about perfect!

Thank you!!

However if anyone else has any other recommendations, please feel free to let me know =o)
Thank you again!

11/02/2013 à 15:56

Microgramma Bold Extended , Eurostile Ext Black,...

12/02/2013 à 02:04

The Micro and Square are excellent.
I would like the O to be a bit more square-ish once again. But very very close.
Thank you both so much!

12/02/2013 à 03:10

12/02/2013 à 03:23

wow! absolutly amazing!

12/02/2013 à 13:10

Don't change your image afterwards please, thank you.

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