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Font indetification

23/03/2011 à 18:51

Hello guys im working on a web site and forum and the old one who has work on the forum wasnt left any resource and for me is immposibble to continue the work.If i cant find the font need to reconstruct all of the buttoms on teh forum.On the banner WHOS NEXT is "Fishbot" font but cant find "Under Construction" witch is! Im sorry for my bad english! Hope someone can help to indefy this font! Thank you all in Advance.

Font indetification

Polices identifiées

Danube  Suggérée par ITellYa 
Freshbot  Suggérée par rocamaco 

23/03/2011 à 19:00

Police identifiée : Danube

23/03/2011 à 19:09

vendola a dit  
Im sorry for my bad english!

No problem, not everyone here on the forums is English or French I'm also not English or French...

23/03/2011 à 19:30

For the people interested about the font of "WHOS NEXT",
the font is "Freshbot" not "Fishbot", by the other hand a normal error
for the people don't speak english just like me...
Police identifiée : Freshbot

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24/03/2011 à 01:00

Guys Thank You A Lot! See u soon !

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