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Question i know its dumb but im Computer illeterate.

22/03/2011 à 19:31

What programs can I use fonts in??? I've downloaded some and can not get them to work in power point. Which programs will it work in Help Please!!!

22/03/2011 à 21:38

Unzip and install. Then open PowerPoint and you can use the fonts. You could also have clicked the Help link. But I have to admit that doing so a wealth of knowledge will fall upon you, which may cause severe brain damage at untrained brains.

23/03/2011 à 08:55

The font are not installed in a software but in the OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.).
Look at the FAQ to know how to process :

23/03/2011 à 17:10

Paint, Paint.NET, Notepad etc etc...

26/03/2011 à 17:03

But watch out with using custom fonts in Powerpoint. If you open the presentation on another computer, which hasn't got that font installed, you will not be able to see the font there!
If you only use it on your own pc, there is no problem

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