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Help with font ID please!

03/02/2013 à 18:35

Can anyone ID this font for me? Thanks for your help.

Help with font ID please!

Police identifiée

Wiesbaden Swing Roman  Suggérée par rocamaco 

03/02/2013 à 18:36

Police identifiée : Wiesbaden Swing Roman

03/02/2013 à 18:52

Wow, that was fast. Thanks. But how can I determine if it's Linotype, Adobe, etc.? Or some other version?

03/02/2013 à 18:53

I think Linotype's version = Adobe's version...

03/02/2013 à 19:18

Thanks again. I'm somewhat new to needing to acquire new fonts, but it would appear there are other similarly named fonts, ie using Wiesbaden-swing hyphenated, that are free, but I haven't found a free version of Wiesbaden Swing. Is there a way I can determine if there is a free version of the actual font I'm looking for, and can download without having to install some other program first?

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