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Need custom font created

10/01/2013 à 06:18

Hi, I am looking for font authors who have already created a good monospaced font to create a custom font for me using their monospaced font as the basis for my font.

I want full rights to sell/re-distribute the custom font you will be creating for me.

I am looking for a good mono spaced font as the basis for my font - something similar to Droid Sans Mono or Bitstream vera font. The reason I can't use those fonts as the basis of my font is their license does not allow me to resell derivative fonts. Hence, I am trying to find a font author of a similar font who owns their font and can give me rights to sell my custom font that is based upon their font.

My custom font basically requires some additional characters. I need seven specific characters to have "one dot above" and "one dot below" variations to be created for them. When I say "one dot above", think of it like the German umlaut, except only one dot instead of two. And when I say "one dot below" think of that same dot below the standard character rather than above. This should be super easy to do because you will simply be creating 14 additional characters in the font by making two copies of the 7 characters and then drawing the 'dot' - which you could even copy from the i or j character - and then pasting them to make the "one dot above" and "one dot below" variations.

Could you please email me if you are a font creator who already has a monospaced font similar to what I am looking for, and what you would like to charge for this project, and how I can contact you to discuss this project further, and also, please kindly send me links to pages that show what monospaced font (of your creation that you have full rights for) you propose and any other fonts you have created to showcase your portfolio/experience. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you font creators!

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