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Orange Amps

13/03/2011 à 21:12

A cool old amp maker logo, wondered if anyone knows the font.

Orange Amps

Police identifiée

Orange  Suggérée par rocamaco 

23/03/2011 à 21:20

I have this font on my computer, it's called "Orange amp style" or just "Orange", but I can't find a link useful to buy or download...
Police identifiée : Orange

23/03/2011 à 22:19

I've edited rocamaco's post and added the link to a RapidShare file, which contains Orange for free

12/05/2011 à 06:17

Thank you both very much.

04/12/2012 à 19:21

Can someone please upload Orange again? I've searched all over the net for it and can't seem to find it. Thanks.

20/01/2016 à 18:12

KNock KNock...I too am looking for this font. ITellYa, can you please redirect?

20/01/2016 à 19:20

20/01/2016 à 19:45

So I can't write a name in it for a public Flyer? Or are you saying to use the shape from the graphic provided?


20/01/2016 à 19:54

Anything close to it?

20/01/2016 à 21:51

As shown in the Design Patent identified by Claude, the font design is under patent protection -- until 2021 -- and you should not use it without permission from the patent holder, or by acquiring a copy of the font from a legitimate source.

21/01/2016 à 02:07

There is no contact info.

21/01/2016 à 07:39

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