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Problems extracting fonts from downloads

06/12/2012 à 14:04

Hi there,
if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate! I have window vista, when I download fonts they automatically save to word but the extract all option does not appear when I right click on the file. I had one success when I ichanged the option on dafont to download to windows explorer, but now the option box does not appear when I click the download button and I cant find how restore this so that I can change the default setting. please help!
thanks xxx lisa

06/12/2012 à 15:00

You have changed nothing at dafont. What yo have changed is the .zip association on your computer.
Now, first of all get yourself 7Zip and install.
Then in Firefox goto tools > applications and mark "Compressed (zipped) Folder" as "Always ask".
Then go back to dafont and click (left click) the download button of a font of your choice. Firefox will now ask you whether you want to open the zip file or save it. Choose Open with. If you are not yet offered 7-Zip File Manager as the standard option click the down arrow and choose 7-Zip File Manager. If not yet in the list the click Other... If 7-Zip File Manager is already in the list choose 7-Zip. If not, click Browse. The Choose Helper Application will open. Click on the 7-Zip folder and then double-click on 7zFM.exe.

Do not check Do this automatically for files like this from now on.

Now click OK and the zip file will open in 7-Zip. Close 7-Zip and click the download button on dafont again. You will see that Firefox will ask you again for opening the file with 7-Zip or saving the file.

Done ... done ... done.

06/12/2012 à 16:33

Thankyou so much for your help, it's working beautifully now thanks to your genius! amazing! thanks for taking the time to respond, i really do appreciate it! ps nice picture of cat! have a happy festive season xxx lisa

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