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Teach for America advertising font

06/12/2012 à 04:11

What is the font of "LIVES" in this photo?
Or a similar font available on dafont....

Teach for America advertising font

Édité le 06/12/2012 à 10:12 par drf_

Police identifiée

Ziggurat  Suggérée par fmontpetit 

Police suggérée

Giza  Suggérée par frd 

06/12/2012 à 05:24

Rockwell, Stafford Serial, Geometric Slabserif... quite similar all of them, but without that "E"

06/12/2012 à 10:16

Giza has a similar "E", but then it's the "S" that doesn't really match
Police suggérée : Giza

06/12/2012 à 18:00

Police identifiée : Ziggurat

06/12/2012 à 18:05

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