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Which font is this?

06/03/2011 à 22:30

i've seen it many, many times but could never find it anywhere or even had a clue what it was called:

(sorry for the shite quality)

Which font is this?

Police identifiée

Sand  Suggérée par damz 

07/03/2011 à 04:03

Hm... not a font I think

07/03/2011 à 04:19

I'd say it is one, but hard to identify tho... too blurred.

07/03/2011 à 04:38

Look at the "e" and "a", they are similar, but not identical

07/03/2011 à 21:54

Oh yeah, definitly a font... But I don't remeber it's name.

08/03/2011 à 01:20

ah looks like someone fixed the shitty quality. thanks whoever that was.

08/03/2011 à 14:51

it was very popular a decade ago, when apple bundled it with early versions of OSX
It's a kind of "comic sans ms" for OSX...

keep away from this font
Police identifiée : Sand

08/03/2011 à 20:59


To be honest, I have literally been looking for it for a decade, and I'm surprised it has such a simple name. God bless ya.

09/03/2011 à 13:14

i won't bless myself

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