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what is this font?? please HELP!!

25/11/2012 à 07:57

what is this font?? please HELP!!

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Police identifiée

Little Principessa  Suggérée par SashiX 

03/12/2012 à 09:58

anyone know this font? pls help. thanksss

03/12/2012 à 22:00

Bumping for interest. Seems like a neat font.

04/12/2012 à 01:38

slightly flattened?
Police identifiée : Little Principessa

04/12/2012 à 07:59

thank you so much!! you have no idea how stress i was trying to find this font. i know there had to be a name for it at least. now i can do my wedding invitation. i am such a HAPPY girl right now!! again your a life saver

04/12/2012 à 08:01

@skyhaven. thank you for bumping my request up. your a life saver as well

04/12/2012 à 09:53

@bittenpinkk, do you also do the "She said no, let's get some booze and get wasted" version ?

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