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Problem previewing fonts

22/11/2012 à 18:20

Sites like House Industries and Hoefler & Frere-Jones won't display the font preview in Chrome so I was using Internet Explorer for those sites. Now, it won't display in IE anymore. Just a few lines of garbage at the top.

Anybody else has this problem. Any solutions?


22/11/2012 à 18:48

Firefox ... as usual

22/11/2012 à 18:50

I just checked and both seem to show text preview just fine. To be honest with you, I've had the same issue a few months ago. Just out of curiosity, are you using Kaspersky antivirus ?

22/11/2012 à 18:57

I do.

22/11/2012 à 19:02

We had a long discussion with Rodolphe about this a few months ago, it seemed Kaspersky was "blocking" a few things it shouldn't. It may not seem like the most obvious solution, but you should try to turn Kaspersky off for a few seconds and go back on HI or HFJ to see if it works.

22/11/2012 à 19:11

It works! Even in Chrome!

Now I gotta change antivirus...

Thank you guys!

22/11/2012 à 19:14

Great !

22/11/2012 à 20:07

I have the same sort of problem with Avast when opening an eps with Acrobat. Stop Avast for a few minutes and the eps opens immediately.

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