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Anyone knows what this font is?

20/11/2012 à 05:31

I've previously used this font to create something, but i can't for the life of me remember what it was, and i lost all my working files. Can anyone identify it?

Anyone knows what this font is?

Police suggérée

Eurostile  Suggérée par naomisoxy 

21/11/2012 à 10:14

Does anyone have any idea? :(
The closest I can match it to is eurostile.
But the edges are rounder here, if you know what i mean...
it feels like a mix between Eurostile and Arial Rounded. D:

(If only i remembered to take note of what font this was)

Would appreciate if anyone could help.

Thanks! <3
Police suggérée : Eurostile

Édité le 21/11/2012 à 10:17 par drf_

21/11/2012 à 10:17

Maybe you have your answer, Eurostile with a stroke

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