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Pink Panther font?

02/03/2011 à 20:08

Pink Panther font?

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Fink Condensed  Suggérée par jxcho 
Potrzebie  Suggérée par donshottype 
Desigers  Suggérée par Ramynator 
Latino Rhumba  Suggérée par donshottype 
BudBird  Suggérée par donshottype 

30/04/2011 à 12:42

here you are
Police suggérée : Desigers

30/04/2011 à 15:18

It looks much like it, but the N's aren't the same, then H's are a bit off, and the E is not close.

04/10/2016 à 05:40

I was searching for a long time but I finally found it
Police suggérée : Fink Condensed

04/10/2016 à 11:41

The original PINK PANTHER title was hand lettered during the 1960s in a bouncy or jumpy headline style using Latin [triangular] style serifs.
The image is the title version used for the recent Steve Martin remake of the movie. Similar but with noticeable differences such as the leg on the _R_. Still looks hand lettered.
A phototypesetting font from the 1960s, called Animated Latin -- NOT THE FONT -- is representative of the style. Patrick Broderick digitized it as Potrzebie -- NOT THE FONT -- in 1997. The only legitimate download is at the Rotodesign 1999 cached page. See link below.
More info on Potrzebie at Fonts in use:

You can see a character set at
Police suggérée : Potrzebie

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04/10/2016 à 11:56

Latino Rhumba -- NOT THE FONT -- is another animated Latin.
Police suggérée : Latino Rhumba

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04/10/2016 à 14:32

Budbird Normal -- NOT THE FONT -- by John Banks [a digitization of the pre-digital Paris Latin] is another animated Latin.
Police suggérée : BudBird

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