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Installation fails

18/11/2012 à 23:54

Yes, I know I'm not supposed to ask questions about installation problems, but this font absolutely will not install. It's a DEMO, does that have anything to do with why it won't install? I've not had one do that before and nothing in the FAQs addresses that kind of a problem.

19/11/2012 à 09:03

Perhaps is it a corrupted zip file. I cannot open it too.

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19/11/2012 à 09:13

It works as far as I'm concerned, I just downloaded it, unzipped it, and installed it, everything went well. You should try to download it again, or be a little bit more accurate about the problem you have (what you're doing exactly, potential error messages, etc.).

19/11/2012 à 12:20

Unzips and installs fine on Mac OS.

20/11/2012 à 08:42

Today, it's opening fine.

22/11/2012 à 16:33

Thank you very much everyone. I have it up and running.

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