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Font for operating system that looks good without smoothing

10/11/2012 à 18:14

since I cannot look at smoothed (antialiased) fonts on low-dpi screens (such as 1600x900 at 15.6' - it looks like blurred) I turned smoothing off (kept hinting).
Current fonts, however, are designed to be smoothed (grayscale/rgb/...) so their unsmoothed version look pretty awful. Can you recommend fonts to use that looks good without smoothing ?
If it helps, my OS is ubuntu (I'm not restricted to fonts that are shipped with ubuntu)

10/11/2012 à 19:50

Have you tried to configure ClearType on your Ubuntu instead of turning it off? There are quite a lot of options to modify, sure you can make it look better
On the other hand, Verdana, Tahoma or Segoe fonts that comes with Windows may do the trick

10/11/2012 à 20:44

Referer2, have you checked this link ?

Asking about this on a specialized Ubuntu forum might be more helpful for you, since not a lot of people around here are running on a Linux system. But you never know though

10/11/2012 à 21:46

I mean - it is more like font question. I'm not big fan of smoothing (even if configured optimally - I've seen Win7,new OSX,etc.) - WXP used tahoma (I think) - it was ok. I'm wondering if there is anything better than tahoma now.

I like profont, but it is suitable only for terminal (console) use.

10/11/2012 à 21:48

Well, in that case you could try Bitmap fonts for a start ?

12/11/2012 à 09:41

Do you have tried Verdana ?

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