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How do I submit my font

03/11/2012 à 02:48

How do I Submit my font? I have a Mac the font I have designed is in illustrator and at the moment is all just sitting in a new document plain document? Not sure what to do next? Please help... Thank you

03/11/2012 à 09:12

See Tools.

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07/11/2012 à 14:48

Thanks for your response, I see that I have to create my font in font lab first... I have it on my old mac tried to copy it over to my new one but won't work sooooo annoying I will just have to create it from my old mac.

07/11/2012 à 16:03

here are some interesting articles you might consider reading before making a font :

08/11/2012 à 11:06

i am not aware of this

09/11/2012 à 01:41

Thanks for the tip Vinz, I'll check it out.

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