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Help with this glittery fond please.

01/11/2012 à 20:30

Hi guys

Would need help with this glittery font please.

Help with this glittery fond please.

Polices identifiées

Nyfors  Suggérée par loguz 
Scriptina  Suggérée par loguz 

02/11/2012 à 14:10

recommended font
Police identifiée : Nyfors

02/11/2012 à 14:12

recommended font
Police identifiée : Scriptina

02/11/2012 à 16:01

Thats great, Scriptina is indeed the font used in "Hair Studio" Any idea about the Twisted Elegance font? And thanks a lot so far

02/11/2012 à 17:01

Chaplin35, have you check the link just above the Scriptina one ? Nyfors looks like a pretty good match

02/11/2012 à 17:20

we are only to serve

02/11/2012 à 17:24

the font "nifors" Just give the tool body silhouette with Corel Draw and ready

02/11/2012 à 17:28

Yea, I think that's what it is. I was just expecting to be a glittery font so didn't check it properly lol.
Thanks a lot guys

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