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01/11/2012 à 18:13


Police identifiée

Battlelines  Suggérée par thedoctorisback 

01/11/2012 à 21:03

1854th warning. Next bump, or duplicate request, and you're out. And I swear to God I'll ban every single account you'll create for the next decade.

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01/11/2012 à 21:06

But i really want to know what this font is :(

01/11/2012 à 21:08

I don't give a shit, the rules apply to everyone, even you, and God knows you've been warned 8451321 times before today. So from now on, new rule. This is your very last warning, I swear to God, you'll never be able to post any single message again if you do just one mistake.

01/11/2012 à 21:09

I second what drf_ says, Anton...

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01/11/2012 à 21:31

thedoctorisback a dit  
But i really want to know what this font is :(


06/11/2012 à 15:21

Police identifiée : Battlelines

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