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font help please

29/10/2012 à 16:38

customer sent thisto me to embroider and i need to know the font

font help please

Police suggérée

Arquitectura  Suggérée par LaurenRuth 

23/11/2012 à 07:58

Looks like a modified or variant of Arquitectura. The 'i' dots (tittles) are round rather than triangular here. The 'Suttle' wording would be a bold or heavy, and the remaining text in this image is a regular stroke weight expanded or stretched, whether be it in the image itself or typeface I cannot tell.
Police suggérée : Arquitectura

23/11/2012 à 08:35

That is correct. The version with the dot instead of the triangle is the TR Architecture.

23/11/2012 à 09:35

I knew you'd be able to give a definitive on this KK.

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