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28/10/2012 à 12:40

What is this font ?

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Police identifiée

LT Oksana  Suggérée par LaurenRuth 

Police suggérée

Futura Light  Suggérée par lolobeber 

29/10/2012 à 06:36

Police identifiée : LT Oksana

29/10/2012 à 15:20

Thx !

29/10/2012 à 15:26

I'm not sure.
Look at the "0" here :

30/10/2012 à 07:11

You are welcome. It is LT Oksana,-- that "0" is an "old-style" version available as one of the special characters of the font. The extended (full) character map of the font can be seen at Abstract fonts:

The old-style numerals including this "0" are found towards the bottom of the character map I have linked to.

30/10/2012 à 10:22

Lauren, thanks for confirming this. Has the "1" been modified especially for (or by ?) Arte ? I couldn't find it in the character map

I'm wondering because they declare the font as "LT Oksana Light WIP".

21/07/2013 à 16:50

The "1" looks like "Futura Light" font, isn't it ? But it's not "Futura"...
Police suggérée : Futura Light

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