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"The Grey" and "Liam Neeson" Font

22/10/2012 à 03:06

I would like the fonts for both the titles "Liam Neeson" and "The Grey". I know they're different fonts, I would like both of em' for my upcoming project. Thanks!

"The Grey" and "Liam Neeson" Font

Polices identifiées

Impact  Suggérée par fmontpetit 
Helvetica Neue Condensed Heavy  Suggérée par fmontpetit 

22/10/2012 à 05:39

Manually stretched. Probably already on your computer.
Police identifiée : Impact

Édité le 22/10/2012 à 05:44 par fmontpetit

22/10/2012 à 05:43

Liam Neeson
Police identifiée : Helvetica Neue Condensed Heavy

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