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HELP? =)

15/10/2012 à 03:34

HELP? =)

Police identifiée

Homestead  Suggérée par Jueshy 

Police suggérée

ITC Lubalin Graph Demibold  Suggérée par Heron2001 

15/10/2012 à 04:16

I'm positive it's ITC Lubalin --

Boton could pass as well:

but if you are looking for something similar (not the same) - try right here on dafont - Doergon
Police suggérée : ITC Lubalin Graph Demibold

Édité le 15/10/2012 à 04:18 par Heron2001

15/10/2012 à 04:20

I don't think it's ITC Lubalin Graph Demibold... the S looks wider and the T side lengths look shorter

15/10/2012 à 04:24

It could be modified.

15/10/2012 à 21:21

Looks like Homestead Regular - Check the link and click on the images that show Regular
Police identifiée : Homestead

15/10/2012 à 21:33


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