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Custom Preview does not work for me

13/10/2012 à 04:25

I am using Windows 7 and I cannot get the Custom Preview to work for me. Anyone have any ideas I can try. Thanks. Flo

13/10/2012 à 14:41

Hi, there was a server issue, which is now fixed, so everything will be working again

17/01/2013 à 23:57

Same goes for me. Unless the server is still having an issue. I'm on Windows 7 and custom preview does not work for me.

05/11/2015 à 13:04

I think those past error welcome again..preview is not working. bling bling bling..

05/11/2015 à 13:21

There is a problem on the server, people are working on it.

05/11/2015 à 14:40

I think it's ok @Inan. Work in my computer

05/11/2015 à 14:52

30/09/2017 à 04:54

Custom preview is not working on my PC. Everything goes blank when I hit submit.

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