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Goosebumps Logo Font

10/10/2012 à 16:25

I am not sure if this is an actual font, or one that was created for the books. Any help would be appreciated!

Goosebumps Logo Font

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Liquidism  Suggérée par Heron2001 

10/10/2012 à 16:27

I wrote this on another site about 10 years ago:

Goosebumps was handlettered for the Stine series of books that Simon & Schuster publishes back in the 1980s.

LOL - Liquidism is not it - but gives you the same "feeling"
Police suggérée : Liquidism

10/10/2012 à 16:32

Thanks for the quick reply! I figured it wasn't an actual font....I hope one day that someone will make it into a font (I have found many fonts from my childhood favorite shows)! Thanks for the font suggestion

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