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What are these fonts?

09/10/2012 à 20:18

Hi there, if you could explain to me what font is used for the

1) Schizandra Berry

2) Wu Wei Zi

3) Life Changing Tonic Herbs And Superfoods

I would really really appreciate it. I know they are all separate types of fonts, so would love to know what each are

Thank you so much.

What are these fonts?

Polices identifiées

Brush Tip Terrence  Suggérée par frd 
Fontastique  Suggérée par frd 

09/10/2012 à 20:29

Fiest one.
Police identifiée : Fontastique

09/10/2012 à 20:50

Thanks so much.

Do you have any idea about the other two at all?

09/10/2012 à 21:01

You're welcome The second one could be based on this one, but the "I" doesn't match at all.
Police identifiée : Brush Tip Terrence

09/10/2012 à 21:08

Yeah, that's a shame. The I is the only strange letter, otherwise it would be close to perfect

Thanks again

09/10/2012 à 21:11

If we look at it closely, I think the "I" is actually a cut "L".

09/10/2012 à 22:19

Yeah. Do you have any recommendations how to work round that? It's really annoying, as I'm going to be using the letter I quite a lot. haha.

Thanks so much again

09/10/2012 à 23:52

drf_ a dit  
If we look at it closely, I think the "I" is actually a cut "L".

How to work that? It will depend on software you use.

10/10/2012 à 09:29

SashiX a dit  

Maybe you can write to the author, he's been around here lately :

Usually, modifying a font on your own without the author's consent isn't really advised. Then, of course, I guess it depends on the use you intend to make.

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