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06/10/2012 à 18:51

557 posts and no identifications. You do understand the concept of a forum is that everyone brings some cake to the party. You just turn up and eat all the cake.

06/10/2012 à 19:02

not quite true.
Obviously I do not need all of them for my personal projects. I share with you those that I find useful for the community.
Anyway there are very few left so today I sent a few more than usual.

06/10/2012 à 20:16

Oh come on, systerin, you know we don't like this, everyone has told you this in the past. There is absolutely no need to overwhelm the forum like this, really. So please, if you don't "NEED" answers, don't post. From now on, please only submit a picture when you REALLY need an answer. Because your posts will push other posts down, and there could be people really needing an answer !

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06/10/2012 à 21:09

I admire your patience drf. I myself have been staring at that nice big red button many times and often too long.

06/10/2012 à 21:17

And God knows my patience isn't very famous around here.

06/10/2012 à 21:42

Maybe, but you at least have some ... ohh that tempting button ...

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