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3 fonts in one pic

27/09/2012 à 15:46

I have this image, scanned from a personal card, bad resolution, this person asked me to reproduce their logo and cannot recognize the fonts used. Please is there any expert with the information names of those fonts, I would appreciate all your help, look that "M" uses a font "iranda" is another font and "constructores" another one.

Thank you in advance

3 fonts in one pic

Polices identifiées

Avant Garde Gothic  Suggérée par fmontpetit 
Bellerose  Suggérée par fmontpetit 

27/09/2012 à 15:47

Police identifiée : Avant Garde Gothic

27/09/2012 à 16:17

Police identifiée : Bellerose

27/09/2012 à 16:28

Thanks for identifying Bellerose. I probably delay 3 weeks to recognize this font. But not least is the "M" probably it's not at dafont.


27/09/2012 à 16:34

I don't recognize the "M" but if it's for a reproduction, couldn't you just trace it? I doubt you will find a font with the M already skewed like that...

27/09/2012 à 16:41

I think that there is not an M skewed that way but i'm interested in the font design itself. It seems that it has a circle/dot in the low angle of the "M" and I'm curious about the rest of the letters where do they put that circle

27/09/2012 à 16:43

I understand. I will remove the "green" tag, maybe someone else can help you. Good luck!

27/09/2012 à 16:47

No reason to unmark them elpepe1970, have you clicked on the star next to the topic title ? Do so, and you will get en email when there's a new answer.

27/09/2012 à 16:48

Thank you, Fred!

27/09/2012 à 21:39

I've visited another site and people recommend these different fonts: Pen Tip DT Regular; Drummon SemiBold; ThreadFun; HL Comic1 Normal; TinkerToy; now I don't know which one can be most similar, to use for the "M"

Thanks for your help

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