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Single Line Font

25/09/2012 à 19:57

I think the word has evolved, while you think the word is just being misused all over the place.
I don't really care who thinks what about the font. CAN WE PLEASE END THIS THREAD?!

25/09/2012 à 20:00

Malvolio, if you had only taken two seconds of your life to actually read what I kindly told you in the first place - remember the "making friends" part ? - none of this would have happened.

25/09/2012 à 20:05

I never said anything rude.

25/09/2012 à 20:06

That's exactly what I'm saying. You didn't even give the slightest attention to my friendly advice. Too bad.

25/09/2012 à 21:22

What on earth are you talking about?
You said I have to watch my mouth and be nice, and that's what I did. Well, when I said "What's your problem" that was because I was mad. But I tried to be patient.
So what are you talking about?

25/09/2012 à 21:25

Did I ever advice you to watch your mouth - while I don't even watch mine - and to be nice ? Nope.

Anyway. Read again.

25/09/2012 à 21:53

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26/09/2012 à 01:10

Your guys are an enigma - something never before seen on the planet, an absolute mystery.

26/09/2012 à 09:25

Malvolio, please, now go to 4chan or get a Facebook account if you need new friends.

26/09/2012 à 18:26

Please imagine I am even more idiot than you think and explain what it was I did that was so unfriendly. I really, really can't figure it out.

29/10/2012 à 16:44

I would not bother helping a cheeky p•÷ck like Shab3D
you spend the time to help with a response and get abused.
really hope Shab3D never figures it out

29/12/2012 à 18:35

Shab3D a dit  
Single Line Font

I am using a pen plotter and need a true type font that creates a single line. Currently the plotter draws the outlines of the fonts. I know that there is such a thing which is used in CNC and laser cutting machines, but these fonts are proprietary and come with the software that operates such machines. I am looking for TTF that I can download to my font folder and use it with any plotter in which the drawing or other tool determines the characteristics of the font, not the software.

I know that there are fonts called "Monoline" but it is impossible for me know if they actually work as I described above.

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for starting this thread! I am also looking for a single-line TTF to use with my Sizzix Eclips machine. I used your post as a starting point. Here are a collection of FREE fonts that you can download that are single line and work with a program that uses TTFs.

I have just successfully used it on my machine. While there is not a HUGE selection, there are just as many as onlinefonts but these ones are free. I also scanned them using Panda Anti-Virus and Malaware Bytes prior to installing so I can say they are safe to install.

Happy crafting!

29/12/2012 à 19:42

The word font in English has several meanings. With reference to typography, it means a productive source.

29/12/2012 à 20:01

Sounds like spam to me

29/12/2012 à 21:34

metaphasebrothel a dit  
The word font in English has several meanings. With reference to typography, it means a productive source.

Nope. With reference to typography a font is a size of a face of a type.

30/12/2012 à 02:44

Some people are actually interested in the original discussion not random semantic complaints. Everyone knows that words don't change over time!!!11one

eta: I'm actually interested in the original discussion.

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30/12/2012 à 05:40

Lauriec, to see the original discussion, go to the top of page 1. To see people insult me, read at the bottom of page two. To see your own comment, see above.

21/02/2013 à 18:44

Hi there, i need your help. I need sinlge line fonts to download free for cnc that using artcam 8.
Need quicly.

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