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If I submit a font...

10/09/2012 à 19:56

If I submit a font, what are the chances it will get accpeted? What guidelines do I have to follow?
(content-wise and all that...)

10/09/2012 à 19:58

Show us whatcha got dawg !!

10/09/2012 à 20:43

I was hoping for a helpful answer...

10/09/2012 à 20:45

The chances depend to the mood of the webmaster

10/09/2012 à 20:48

My answer was helpful actually, if you show us what you got, we might be able to place a bet

10/09/2012 à 20:57

Got it. I will put the almost finished work on an filE hosting website. As an image? Or what is better?

10/09/2012 à 21:01

As the font of course ...

10/09/2012 à 21:05

As I told you, it isn't quite ready...

10/09/2012 à 21:06

An image is better than nothing, to get a first glimpse. But you should only submit it if you're ready to accept positive or negative comments.

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10/09/2012 à 21:08

Ready or not, I'd like to see the current state of the font you're working on. A pict tells me nothing.

10/09/2012 à 21:35

@drf_, I'm ready for comments, but what I really want is wether I have a chance of being accepted or wether I'm wasting my time.

10/09/2012 à 21:37

Hum, what happened to hard work and perseverance ?

Edit: still waiting for that preview

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10/09/2012 à 21:39

... as a font ... ready/complete or not.

10/09/2012 à 21:55

I am doing it now!

10/09/2012 à 21:57

And what happened to second degree ?

10/09/2012 à 21:58

10/09/2012 à 22:01

Oh, you don't say that in english ? My Frenglish got mixed up. Anyway, my "still waiting for that preview" wasn't to be taken seriously, ergo :

10/09/2012 à 22:05

OK, look, how much espresso do you drink?!
You can't let the fear of zombies affect you like that, man!

( )

10/09/2012 à 22:08

10/09/2012 à 22:09

Gosh, I don't stand a chance, I guess!
Preview coming IN FIVE MINUTES...
Stay tuned for the world premiere of the preview...!!!

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