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If I submit a font...

12/09/2012 à 01:08

@Ikos, thank you. I am completing it, and wether it gets published on dafont or wether I will even submit it, it doesn't matter. It's my font and I worked hard on it.

12/09/2012 à 01:16

That's the spirit.

Its a lot of hard work making a font and if you achieve it and you like it that's enough to make it worth while.

12/09/2012 à 01:24

I finished a different one I was working on, called "Computer's Heart".
I submitted it to Dafont, although it probably won't get accepted...

12/09/2012 à 01:46

Lets have a look then

12/09/2012 à 03:03

Sure I am uploading it on a file hosting site now.

12/09/2012 à 03:27

*waits with bated breath

12/09/2012 à 04:18

Ikos, on a different thread you were on, you posted an image. How did you do that?

12/09/2012 à 04:27

Go to....

Upload your image then copy the 'IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards' and paste it into your post.

12/09/2012 à 04:31
Well here is the link. Thank you for being so supportive!

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12/09/2012 à 04:38


12/09/2012 à 04:43

Thank you, Ikos.
Do you think it'll make it?

12/09/2012 à 04:50

I have no idea, i don't know whats involved in the selection process. Good luck though.

12/09/2012 à 04:55

Thanks. You can do something else now, I won't be posting till tomorrow, just in case you responded so fast because you were waiting for my posts (I hope not, that would have been too nice of you!)

12/09/2012 à 05:00

No sweat i wasn't waiting, just looking in from time to time to see whats new.

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12/09/2012 à 05:11

Oh, OK.
Just like me.

12/09/2012 à 19:44

Looks like Computers Heart went live Congratulations.

12/09/2012 à 19:46

WOW!!!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
I never thought it would happen...or at least that it would take months...
Thank you Ikos for telling me!!!!!!!!

12/09/2012 à 20:06

btw did you check out the other dafont forum? The font ID one?

12/09/2012 à 20:27

Yeah, interesting stuff.

12/09/2012 à 20:34

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