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Font from image No idea what was used

13/02/2011 à 10:11

Can someone identify this font? Or something similar? I am very new at typography/web design and am trying to rebuild this site.

Font from image No idea what was used

Polices identifiées

Scriptina  Suggérée par rocamaco 
ITC Edwardian Script Regular Alt  Suggérée par rocamaco 

13/02/2011 à 10:37

"Scriptina" for "S" and "A"...
Police identifiée : Scriptina

Édité le 13/02/2011 à 11:47 par Rodolphe

13/02/2011 à 11:43

"ITC Edwardian Script" for "J"...

13/02/2011 à 20:49

Not sure if it actually is, but the first letter is supposed to be an I. Let me know if that changes anything.

Scriptina seems right though!

14/02/2011 à 15:36

Hi mehulkar,

The only difference between the I and the J from ITC Edwardian Script is that the J goes under the baseline and the I doesn't...
So, that makes it logical that rocamaco made that lil' fault, but it doesn't change a thing...

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