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Some Font That Anyone Knows?

01/09/2012 à 17:25

Just wondering if anyone can ident. any (/all) of the fonts used here on the cover of "Some Guy Who Kills People" (I'm pretty sure the bottom 2 words "Kills People" are the same font just presented differently) I need this asap! I appreciate any help!

Some Font That Anyone Knows?

Polices identifiées

Brush Script  Suggérée par SashiX 
Birch  Suggérée par malvolio 

Police suggérée

Arial Rounded  Suggérée par malvolio 

01/09/2012 à 18:08

Police identifiée : Brush Script

01/09/2012 à 18:09

"GUY" could be Arial

01/09/2012 à 19:26

Thank you, now all I need is "Kills People" lol (If it's not Arial, it's close enough..or I'll make it Close enough lol)

01/09/2012 à 19:46

Call the police, all he needs is Kills People...

01/09/2012 à 22:27

^ lol

30/09/2012 à 16:35

I'm convinced this will never be completely solved..just need to know the font used for "Kills People" (I'm pretty sure both words are the same just presented differently) Even something very close will work for me!

30/09/2012 à 16:40

Police identifiée : Birch

08/10/2012 à 15:26

Holy crap, I didn't think anyone would ever get if for me! Thank you so much! I'm pretty sure "People" is the same thing just presented differently which I think I can replicate lol. If I'm wrong and somebody knows what font is used for "people" let me know! Thanks again!!

08/10/2012 à 18:37

PEOPLE is unfortunately not the same thing, it could be a number of things. You could try any of these, bold and italic in capital letters:

08/10/2012 à 18:41

Police suggérée : Arial Rounded

10/10/2012 à 22:28

I'm going to go with ITC Gilliard. Thank you! & Thanks for Arial Rounded too lol

11/10/2012 à 03:31

You are welcome!

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