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Font Licensing Question

28/08/2012 à 21:19

My band has been using a font from dafont since it was created. The font was originally free when we started using it, but the author then decided to charge people to use the font. The font download contains no license agreement, no EULA, etc. just the font itself. I have tried contacting the author in order to arrange a payment and a license, but have not heard back. The author is telling people to send him money via PayPal for the font, which I find a bit strange considering there would be no license given at time of payment. The amount isn't much, but I was hoping all of you at could offer some advice. I am fully willing to pay the amount requested, but I want proof that payment was made and that a license was granted as to avoid any issues down the road.

Thanks so much.

28/08/2012 à 21:26

Hum, I have no idea how to get a proof that a Paypal payment has been through and reached the person But, when you might not be familiar with Paypal, it has become quite popular, especially for these kind of things. Maybe getting the evidence that you made the payment could be enough to cover your ass ?

28/08/2012 à 21:29

I consulted a friend who is a web designer and the font was not edited or changed since it was it may not matter? Can anyone confirm that?

There is no EULA, no readme, and the font is still listed as shareware and has not been edited since it was put on dafont in 2006.

28/08/2012 à 22:08

You can be proud of your username Which font?

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28/08/2012 à 22:58

koeiekat a dit  
You can be proud of your username Which font?

el&font gohtic!

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