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Name of this font ?

26/08/2012 à 22:31


Name of this font ?

Édité le 27/08/2012 à 19:46 par SearchFont12

27/08/2012 à 19:45

Anyone? somebody knows name of this font? please...

27/08/2012 à 19:48

Do you have a better sample - this one is too difficult for someone like me to make it out. I like contrast between backgrounds and images... Sorry.

27/08/2012 à 19:49

I think if we look very carefully, we see two different "J". Of course, it's only a wild guess, we'll never be sure

SearchFont12, for something similar, you should take a look here.

Édité le 27/08/2012 à 19:51 par drf_

22/10/2012 à 22:59

Here is a better sample...can someone make it out?
Please. Thank you !

Édité le 22/10/2012 à 23:00 par SearchFont12

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