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I'm searching for a fairytale font

22/08/2012 à 00:57

I'm searching for a fairytale font. Can you help me find any kind of font that looks like a old fairytale book or something like that. I want it to be easy to read with caps and lower cases.

(Sorry for my mistakes i'm french)

Thank you.

22/08/2012 à 04:49

Are you looking for fonts that you would find on dafont, or anywhere?
If on Dafont, Kelly Ann Gothic looks good.
Or, try a more childish one -
Ultimately, Freebooter script looks good too -

You might not like any of these. Usually people search under categories - for example, for a Celtic fairytale, you might click on Celtic in the categories.
Really, it's a matter of opinion, choice, and also what fairytales you are dealing with. Good Luck!

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23/08/2012 à 20:24

Could you show an example of what you would like? I always think of Fairytales as having a beautiful initial cap and the then regular serif upper and lowers for the tale...

24/08/2012 à 01:06

Ah, heron2001, we are kindred spirits in font selection!

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