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Ally ad

10/02/2011 à 14:36

Font for credit card ad. Anyone have any ideas what this font is? It has a very distinct lower case "a".

Ally ad

Police suggérée

Avant Garde Gothic Bold  Suggérée par Traghill 

24/02/2011 à 18:42


06/03/2011 à 11:05


07/03/2011 à 03:34

Haven't found it yet And I dunno it's a font. I think "a" is modded.
Take a look at Brandish font ( )
And "lly" is too generic, many fonts are look like that.

Édité le 09/03/2011 à 19:41 par Rodolphe

09/03/2011 à 19:26

You might be right. Thanks for the attempt, SashiX!

09/03/2011 à 20:46

I think its "ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold" The "A" is custom made
Police suggérée : Avant Garde Gothic Bold

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