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Would like to find a similar font

17/08/2012 à 22:59

Hello. This is Kellogg's propietary font, KSans. Could any of you suggest a font that might have the same flare as this? Thanks for any help you can provide. M-

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18/08/2012 à 16:35

Post to the font identification forum please.

18/08/2012 à 16:44

No Malvolio, once again, think before posting. The font is identified, so there is no need to post in the identification forum. In fact, it was posted in the identification forum before, but was then moved here.

18/08/2012 à 16:49

I'm sorry, I'n confussed. Is this the place where I can ask help in identifying a font? The one shown above IS KSans. However, I'm looking for a similar one, as that one is propietary of Kellogg's. Let me know if this is the forum to ask this question. Best regards.

18/08/2012 à 16:52

m3orange, don't worry, your post is at the right place here.

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18/08/2012 à 16:52

Thanks drf!

23/08/2012 à 20:13

Not the same - but same feeling
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