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Bottom of font in blog posts' titles getting cut off /Firefox

17/08/2012 à 06:29


The bottom of some of my blog posts' titles are cut off. This seems to be happening only when I check out the blog with a Firefox browser. On Internet Explorer, things look right. If you're using the Firefox browser, this post is one of many examples of one with a cut-off title:

It seems to happen more often with post titles longer than a few words, but even three-word post titles are sometimes cut off at the bottom, so I don't think it's a length-of-title issue.

I'm using the "Hand Times" font ( )

I started using this font in November 2010. And the cut-off issue just started in the past six months.

Thank you for any help.

17/08/2012 à 10:17

it's about CSS (cascading style sheets), not about fonts

08/05/2013 à 09:51

It's taken me awhile to return here, but as an update for your archives in case someone else has the same problem I did:

The person who helped me figure this out said that when she went into my blog's css to check the coding for the custom font, she saw that the code was there twice for some reason, so she just erased one of them. I don't know why or how it was suddenly appearing twice in my css, but my blog posts' titles were fine again as soon as she removed one of the codes.

Thank you, daaams.

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