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Mega Greek Font .ttf

16/08/2012 à 21:58

Hello all,

Does anyone have a .ttf file for Mega Greek font? Its typically an embroidered file that is used for Greek letters on sweatshirts but I would like to use it for gifts I'm making with a craft cutter. The craft cutter can use a .ttf file but can't recognize an embroidery file.

Any info is appreciated!

Thank you,

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17/08/2012 à 00:10

I googled it and there is only one font with that name - and it looks beveled and sculpted out of metal, (which are kind of the same thing ), but not embroidered at all.

17/08/2012 à 00:19

It is Stahls' MegaGreek 1color_2000. Clark's Sporting Goods once had an open directory

17/08/2012 à 01:12

17/08/2012 à 01:35

On my google search it also popped up as a Stahls thing, but said it wasn't a font.
Oh well.

03/12/2016 à 22:17

@melissaxv @malvolio

Here's something I can't up with that may absolve your issues! 👍👍👍

It's called the Phireheart Greek font

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