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15/08/2012 à 19:46


Police identifiée

Men In Black Credits  Suggérée par koeiekat 

15/08/2012 à 22:34

Police identifiée : Men In Black Credits

15/08/2012 à 23:18

Thank you!!!

15/08/2012 à 23:29

Why do people keep asking for these skinny, pencil-written-like fonts? Just check other posts from 2 seconds ago!

15/08/2012 à 23:47

... because ...

some want one trend, others want another.

16/08/2012 à 10:22

Just like some people listen to Beethoven, and other listen to dubstep.

16/08/2012 à 19:06

I was referring to the posting of the same question over and over by different people when they can just look at other posts. Not at the font style they like.

16/08/2012 à 19:09

Hum, I don't remember this font being asked 2 seconds before this post, but hey, it's a free country

16/08/2012 à 19:14

Two seconds is an exaggeration, dude...

16/08/2012 à 19:14

16/08/2012 à 19:48

Yeah, "dude", I was exaggerating too, but anyway. This font wasn't asked here for some time, as far as I remember.

16/08/2012 à 20:01

Can I ask you how old are you, @malvolio?...

16/08/2012 à 20:01

Dear God @rocamaco, I'm kinda curious too

16/08/2012 à 20:03

Just to know if it's over 10 years old...

16/08/2012 à 20:10

I'm also putting my two cents on a "she", don't know why

16/08/2012 à 20:12

You read my mind again, my brother (what I doesn't matter indeed, the sex I meant)...

Édité le 16/08/2012 à 20:13 par rocamaco

16/08/2012 à 20:12

I am way over ten.
I might even be over 10 x 2.
Why do you want to know, anyway?

Édité le 16/08/2012 à 20:13 par malvolio

16/08/2012 à 20:14

I was thinking on an adoption...

16/08/2012 à 20:15

@rocamaco, you have a lot of spiritual children around here

16/08/2012 à 20:18

Well, some days feeling weakness for she...

You know, the loneliness of the walking dead...

Also, some of the others have been banned and I would have to wait a little...

Édité le 16/08/2012 à 20:20 par rocamaco

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