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Stone Brewing Co. Help!

09/08/2012 à 02:49

Need the name of the font Stone Brewing Co. uses. I've already looked through most if not all of the "Gothic" fonts on this site and haven't had any luck.


Stone Brewing Co. Help!

Police identifiée

Castellar  Suggérée par SashiX 

Police suggérée

Rosart  Suggérée par kingraf01 

09/08/2012 à 03:13

Police identifiée : Castellar

24/10/2014 à 20:22

I was loooking for the same "look" myself, closest I found was Rosart. It's a little wider and thicker but again that was the closest I found.

As another similar option I liked Augustus as well.
Police suggérée : Rosart

13/10/2015 à 15:48

The font used for Stone Brewing Co. logo is Castellar Regular, which is a display serif font designed by John Peters and published by Adobe. It can be downloaded at either of the following websites... or

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