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Help ?

25/07/2012 à 18:02

What is this font ?

Help ?

Polices identifiées

Campanile  Suggérée par pilaster 
Dymaxion Script  Suggérée par pilaster 
Park Lane NF  Suggérée par pilaster 

25/07/2012 à 18:06

All three, or one in particular?

25/07/2012 à 18:11

du café arabica
Police identifiée : Campanile

25/07/2012 à 18:13

Yes " Du café arabica" ! Thank you
And "ouvert tous les jours" is very familiar , what's the police too ?

25/07/2012 à 18:15

It's familiar probably because it looks like Broadway, but it isn't. I'll look into it!

25/07/2012 à 18:21

le spécialiste
Police identifiée : Dymaxion Script

25/07/2012 à 18:23

Police identifiée : Park Lane NF

25/07/2012 à 18:38

You found it before me, pilaster! I thought that was it but wasn't sure and was checking.

26/07/2012 à 11:15

Thank you very much , it's exactly what i was looking for.

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