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Please could you help

23/07/2012 à 19:10

I have my next tatto booked and i desperatly need to indentify this text so i can print out what i want it to say on my tattoo. love the font but want it to say something else. Have no idea what its called.....does anyone know?

Please could you help

Police identifiée

Jellyka Castle's Queen  Suggérée par frd 

23/07/2012 à 19:18

Police identifiée : Jellyka Castle's Queen

23/07/2012 à 19:26

Thank you thank you!! Now i just have to find out how to get it on my document so i can tyoe out what i want lol
Thanks again

23/07/2012 à 23:04

Just install it. If you've used Dafont before, you should know how.

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