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Rise Against

02/02/2011 à 21:11

Can you help me with that fonts?? The big one and the small one....Thx a lot in advance!

Rise Against

03/02/2011 à 15:21

If you mean "RISE AGAINST" and "VEGETARIANS" with the big one, that is not a font, as all I's, E's, A's, T's, R's, G's and T's differ...

03/02/2011 à 17:36

mmm i was meaning the other "We are" and "Rise Against for peta2"

03/02/2011 à 17:49

Allright, I'll see what I can do for you...

IDK if this will help anyone indentify the font, but I turned the "and we are" part into black and white

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03/02/2011 à 17:56

thx a lot!

03/02/2011 à 18:03

Also, I want to say that the small text and the part as "and we are" and "Rise Against for peta2" are the same font's, so only need to ID the large part, as it is easier to ID that...

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