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fred perry, Stone island, lambretta

02/02/2011 à 06:32

hey, is there any font of the ( dingbats) logos of stone island , fred perry or lambretta ??
please it's an emergency !!

fred perry, Stone island, lambretta

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Polices identifiées

Times  Suggérée par andyRespire 
Nimbus Roman n°9  Suggérée par deds 

02/02/2011 à 08:59

Hello sadcasu,
Lambretta logo, "Laundry Fonts" ==>
Stone Island ==> "Aldine 721" family (bold) ==>

FRED PERRY ==> "Nimbus Roman n°9" family
Police identifiée : Nimbus Roman n°9

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02/02/2011 à 22:16

hey DEDS, thanks man very very much, it's amazing thank you man

02/02/2011 à 22:25

but i was looking for the logo of F.P and S.I in a freeway ( i can't bye a font in my country) :(
in any way thank you for all !

03/02/2011 à 11:02

sadcasu a dit  
i can't bye a font in my country

Why ?

04/02/2011 à 00:46

because i'm in tunisia :/ we can't sell or bye anything by internet,we are in a revolution against dictator, we have just broke down our president and the country is in a miss , so please help or respect us !

04/02/2011 à 00:54


I have not the font, but I want to tell you that most of us are with you...

Good luck with your political and social situation...

04/02/2011 à 05:04

Times, or Times New Roman
Police identifiée : Times

04/02/2011 à 05:07

tanks a lot for sympathizing ! thank you very very much..

04/02/2011 à 09:14

Use "Times New Roman Bold". It's a standard font of Windows.

... and good luck for the future of your country.

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